Joel Roos


We live in a harsh world where we sometimes forget to take care of each other. My hope is that I can be part of a change to that, creating a workplace where everyone feels safe and can grow to their full potential. Utilizing technology to help the individual and harnessing tech to improve the workplace.

My background as a developer and architect serves as the basis for my drive to lead with a focus on modern technologies, languages, and frameworks. Always striving to create a better solution in less time and with fewer resources. Something that is possible when you fully embrace the modern ways of working with serverless and cloud-native applications and a get shit done attitude.

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Office 365
Angular 2+

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  • [2019 - Current] IKEA
    Senior Advisor

    Both advisory work and helping out hands-on to move IKEA through their digital transformation.

  • [2019] EON

    Office 365 architect.

  • [2018 - 2019] IKANO Bank

    Developed a new CMS for the public websites in Finland and Poland resulting the worlds fastest bank website utilizing a serverless architecture on the AWS platform. Everything is optimized for speed, security and simplicity.

  • [2017 - 2019] CGI - IKEA
    Infrastructure Architect

    Part of the architecture team tasked with the development of the intranet at IKEA, being responsible for architectual decisions as well as automation. The assignment spaned over multiple projects, involving upgrades of SharePoint versions, integrations with office 365, creation and decomissions of SharePoint farms and incident management.

  • [2016 - Current] GESHDO
    COO & Co-founder

  • [2015 - 2017] Malmö FF

    Responsible for the administration and configuration of the office 365 environment. Also responsible for educating the employees to fully utilize the products.

  • [2016] Volvo IT
    Infrastructure Architect

    Responsible for the configuration of the SharePoint farm utilized by all branches of Volvo IT at the time. Worked with the intial setup of the site structures in hosted-sites environments as well as configure the authentication flow using SSO and ADFS.

  • [2015 - 2017] Stretch
    Infrastructure Architect/Lead Developer

    Responsible for the administration and development of the Office 365 environment.

  • [2013] Infratek
    Infrastructure Specialist

    Was tasked with migrating their SharePoint 2010 intranet from one domain to another while at the same time updating the environment and resolve a number of issues with its configuration.

  • [2011 - 2016] Axis Communications AB
    Infrastructure Architect/Developer

    In addition to helping the customer with the development of custom features and solutions the tasks have mainly revolved around being the infrastructure architect of the global implementation of the SharePoint 2010 and 2013 environments. This also involved the migration between the two versions.

  • [2011 - 2012] Skånemejerier

    Part of the development team for the new SharePoint 2010 social intranet at Skånemejerier. Tasks involved branding, webpart development, custom workflows, and infrastructure adaptations.

  • [2011] 3L Systems

    Part of the development team for 3L Systems new SharePoint Foundation Intranet. Tasks involved implementation of various custom web parts as well as migration of data from previous intranet.

  • [2010 - 2013] Bool Nordic AB
    Lead Developer

    Responsible for educating new consultants in SharePoint 2007 and 2010. The goal was to ensure that all new employees would be able to take the SharePoint Certificates for configuration and development provided by Microsoft. Tasks included creation of education plan, teaching and mentoring. All (20+) passed their certificates.

  • [2010 - 2011] Lunds Datacentral
    Lead Developer

    The assignment involved troubleshooting and fixing an existing SharePoint 2007 Server implementation as well as the development of a new project area in SharePoint 2010. Tasks involved branding, customization, assigning a project structure and general web part development

  • [2010 - 2011] Alfa Laval

    Part of the development team of a new competence inventory system in SharePoint 2010. Tasks involved SharePoint to external systems integration and general development.

  • [2010 - 2011] Staffanstorpshus
    Lead Developer

    Changes to the existing SharePoint 2007 Foundation implementation were made to fix a number of issues related to servers as well as custom code. Tasks included re-configuring the SMTP servers, workflow customization, and AD Forest modification to work with SharePoint etc.

  • [2010] Consilium

    The assignment was to extend the existing functionality of Consiliums SharePoint 2007 intranet. Main task was branding.

  • [2010] Bool Nordic AB
    Lead Developer

    A new public website was implemented in SharePoint 2010 to showcase the organizations SharePoint skills. Tasks included project management, branding, infrastructure adaptation, and development.

  • [2010] EHL

    A new student portal for the students at Ekonomihögskolan was developed in SharePoint 2007 and later migrated to SharePoint 2010. Tasks included branding, customization and migration.

  • [2010] Login
    Develo per

    Data migration between SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010. Tasks included migrating custom content using PowerShell as well as infrastructure adaptation for the new environment.

  • [2010] Axiell

    Additions to the existing SharePoint 2010 intranet were delivered to meet the organizations changing needs. Tasks included customization of templates as well as creation of custom webparts and branding.

Image - educationEDUCATION

  • [ 2008 - 2014] Lund University
    Information and Communication Engineering Technologies.

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  • 100SwedishNative
  • 100EnglishNative
  • 75GermanFluent