Frank Hampus Weslien

Anyone can create stuff. I do.

I have practical experience in every step of application development. Everything from coming up with the initial idea, creating UI mockups, logo design, talking to users, frontend, backend, and infra. Programming is a big passion of mine. For example, I’ve built a trustless asset exchange service on the Cardano blockchain and more recently a parser combinator library in Typescript. I always take the opportunity to share my learnings in TechTalks here at GESHDO. Allowing both me and my colleagues to grow.

Image - SkillsSKILLS

Functional Programming
Prompt Engineering
Automatic Testing
Machine Learning
Infrastructure as Code
OpenID Connect

Image - AptitudesAPTITUDES

Image - ExperienceEXPERIENCE

  • [May 2022 - Present] StepStone
    Fullstack Developer

    Built quick prototypes to find new business opportunities within JobTech. I either worked solo or in a small team and was responsible for everything from the backend, and frontend, to infrastructure.

    Key responsibilities:
    • Brainstorm new ideas and create quick prototypes.
    • Fullstack development
    • Mentor junior developers

    Technologies & Tools:
    • Languages: Typescript, Python, Swift
    • Frameworks: React, React Native, Express, AWS CDK, PyTorch, SwiftUI
    • Databases: DynamoDB, Firestore
    • Infrastructure: AWS, GCP, AWS CDK
    • Tech: LLM (ChatGPT), text-to-speech, speech-to-text, Blockchain, Verifiable Credentials
    • Tools: Git, Figma, Jira, Slack, Figma, Blender

    • Interviewer - A chatbot that helps candidates practice for job interviews.
    • Logo Recognition - AR App that recognizes company logos and displays information about the company.
    • CV Verification - Use verifiable credentials to verify the authenticity of a CV.

  • [May 2022 - Current] GESHDO Now AB
    IT Consulting Fullstack Developer

    GESHDO specializes in dynamic IT consulting, driven by a commitment to tailored solutions. We prioritize rapid delivery to align with your goals while managing costs effectively. Our expertise spans all the major cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Back-end development, with diverse languages and frameworks, equips us to solve complex challenges. Our front-end consultants blend design finesse with technical precision to create seamless, visually appealing interfaces. GESHDO pushes boundaries to provide optimal, adaptable solutions for your organization.

  • [July 2021 - April 2022] Self-employed
    Developer & Artist

    After graduation, I sold NFTs on the Cardano blockchain through my own storefront. As an early entry I was able to sell my art for a good profit. As the market cooled down I pivoted and created Atomic Swap, a p2p dApp to trustlessly trade assets (NFTs, tokens, etc.) between wallets on Cardano. Atomic Swap sees about 2 tx/day as of September 2023.

    Key responsibilities:
    • Taxes, accounting, and other administrative tasks.
    • Customer Support
    • Design
    • Marketing
    • Development

    Technologies & Tools:
    • Languages: Typescript, Elm, Javascript, C++
    • Frameworks: React, Express, p5.js
    • Databases: Firestore
    • Infrastructure: Firebase
    • Tech: Cardano, Blockchain, Shaders
    • Tools: Git, Figma, Github,

    • Built atomic-swap.io, a p2p dApp to trustlessly trade assets (NFTs, tokens, etc.) between wallets on Cardano.
    • Created and sold NFTs of my art: nft.frankhampusweslien.com.

  • [January 2020 - December 2020] InfrasightLabs
    Backend Developer

    Worked as a backend developer in a small team building an IT infrastructure management tool. It provides a single view of the entire IT infrastructure at a copy from licenses, to servers, to network devices, and personal computers.

    Key responsibilities:
    • Worked as a part of a small team using agile software development methods
    • Backend Development
    • Integrated multiple new data sources into our graph database.

    Technologies & Tools:
    • Languages: Java
    • Databases: In-house Graph Database
    • Tools: Git, Bitbucket, Jira

  • [August 2017 - December 2017] Lund University
    Programming Tutor

    Tutoring first-year students in Scala in an introductory course to programming.

    Key responsibilities:
    • Tutoring
    • Grading

    Technologies & Tools:
    • Languages: Scala

Image - educationEDUCATION

  • [2016 - 2021] Lund University
    Master of Science in Engineering, ComputerScience and Engineering

    Heavy focus on the fundamentals of computer science and software engineering. For my specialization, I selected courses in machine learning, AI, and mathematics.

    Our thesis explored how to reduce the rate of false positive alarms in static analysis tools. We implemented a prototype by extending JavaDL, a custom programming language for static analysis, to use machine learning to find false positives.

    Filtering False Positive Alarms in JavaDL and Language Experience Report

Image - LanguagesLANGUAGES

  • 100SwedishNative
  • 90EnglishAdvanced

Image - CertificatesCERTIFICATES

Google Cloud Platform
  • [2022]  
    Cloud Digital Leader

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