Casper Søndergaard

The harder you work for something, the greater you'll feel when you achieve it.

Being team manager for the JawS team, focusing on javascript and AWS, I want to bring real value for our customers. I am a passionate fullstack cloud-oriented developer with a curious mindset. I have a solid experience of AWS services and how to build maintainable, fast and cost-effective solutions in the serverless world, where nothing is impossible.

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Axel Forsberg

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Amazon Web Services
AWS Serverless
AWS Infrastructure
OAuth & OpenID
Amazon Cognito
API Design

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  • [March 2021 - Current] IKEA - Inter
    Consulting Fullstack Engineer

    Senior Developer AWS/Nodejs developer in IKEA's new Kitchen Planer (NKP). Fixing bugs, developing new features and ensuring stability of the Range Maintenance System (RMS)

  • [March 2021 - Current] Geshdo Now AB
    Team Manager

    Manager for the JawS team at GESHDO which specializes in serverless JavaScript/TypeScript solutions on the AWS platform.

  • [March 2020 – March 2021] IKANO Bank
    Consulting Fullstack Engineer

    Being a part of the infra team at IKANO Bank, I helped configuring/automating various parts of the aws environment in alignment with the requirements of IKANO Bank. This included setting up workspace VDIs, application management, user identities and roles management, pushing logs etc.

  • [August 2019 – March 202] IKANO Bank
    Consulting Fullstack Engineer

    Fullstack role in the project psd2 api-portal, aiming at streamlining and simplifying IKANO's access to psd2 data from third parties. Responsible mostly for the front-end part of the project, but also some backend integrations. This included building an authentication frontend with oAuth-based AWS-Cognito and a frontend for handling api-keys.

  • [April 2019 – August 2019] IKANO Bank
    Consulting Fullstack Engineer

    Support on IKANO's existing AWS applications (SuperFastWeb editor) and general support relating to users, identities, roles and privileges in IKANO's AWS environment.

  • [September 2018 - March 2019] IKANO Bank
    Consulting Front-End lead for Public Web

    Developing frontend components for IKANO's public websites. Aspiring to be one of the fastest banking pages in the world, we used an innovative stack with a mix of the static page generator Hugo, AWS, vanilla javascript and Vue.js.

  • [September 2018 - Current] Geshdo Now AB
    Senior Fullstack Developer

    IT Consultant

  • [2013 - September 2018] SKAT (Danish Tax Authority)
    Front-End developer

    Crafting ideas for digital improvements and building interactive web applications for skat.dk. Frontend implementation of various calculators/widgets with complex interactions. Users have uttered positively on these applications. Design thinking and UX design.

  • [2007 - 2013] SKAT (Danish Tax Authority)
    Business developer

    Identification of customer needs and pains on the central self service systems for citizens access to tax matters. Redesign of the flow for the taxpayer (customer). The result has been a vastly improved flow, which has gained positive feedback. Implementing the channel strategy in SKAT with the goal of reducing manual transactions and improve the digital channels.

Image - educationEDUCATION

  • [2002 - 2006] University of Helsinki
    Master of Political Science

  • [1999 - 2002] University of Roskilde
    Bachelor of Geography

Image - LanguagesLANGUAGES

  • 100DanishNative
  • 85EnglishAdvanced
  • 80SwedishAdvanced
  • 70FinnishAdvanced