Benjamin Jönsson De Castro

Bringing the cloud down to earth.

I am a cloud engineer and developer dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest trends in cloud technology. On the cloud infrastructure side, I’m proficient with AWS, GCP, terraform and serverless technologies. On the backend development side, I’m proficient in building REST APIs and event driven architecture using TypeScript, JavaScript, .Net and Python.

I love designing and building cloud solutions that are maintainable, robust and cost-efficient. I am always open to exploring new ideas and solutions and am known for my willingness to help others.

Image - SkillsSKILLS

GCP Cloud Build
CI/CD Pipelines
AWS Code Build
Github Actions
MS Entra ID (Azure AD)
Windows Server
AWS API Gateway
Open AI

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Image - ExperienceEXPERIENCE

  • Backend developer
    June 2024 - August 2024
    Norion Bank AB
    Customer Project

    As a Backend Developer at Norion Bank AB, I have been developing a modern integration solution designed to sync employees and groups between the customers HR systems and their Windows Active Directory and Azure Entra ID within a hybrid server environment.           
    My focus has been building a secure solution that ensures scalability and maintainability for future growth, while using cloud-only solutions for Entra ID to prepare the customer for a cloud native future.

    Skills: C#, .NET Core, Entra ID (Azure AD), MS Graph API, API-driven provisioning, Integration, Azure SQL, Azure Key Vault, Azure Container Apps, Windows Server, Hybrid Server Environment, Testing
  • Fullstack Developer & Cloud Engineer
    March 2024 - Current
    Geshdo Now AB
    Internal Project, Part-time

    I'm working on extending the SalesNow product. A custom business system used to track sales oppertunities.

    Skills: C#, TypeScript, .NET Core, Entity Framework, PostgreSQL, React, Docker GCP, CI/CD, Testing, Azure Apps
  • Cloud Engineer & Backend Developer
    December 2023 - March 2024
    Geshdo Now AB
    Internal Project, Part-time

    I worked on a internal tool use to automate and improve the onboarding process at Geshdo. The tool is integrated with Microsofts Graph API to manage users in Entra ID and programmatically sending email.

    Skills: Typescript, GCP, Docker, CI/CD, Express JS, MS Entra ID (Azure AD), MS Graph API
  • Cloud Engineer
    July 2021 – December 2023
    Customer Project

    I was the main cloud engineer working with an innovative team at Stepstone's Emerging Tech unit. I help facilitate new innovative prototypes for the job-tech industry with a focus on GPT-3, AI, and the most modern web technologies. My role primarily involves creating designs and setting up cloud infrastructure and building backends. I also research new tech and write documentation about my findings.

    Example of a project I have helped build involved a service to ingest CVs and analyze them with the help of OpenAI. I created the design of the cloud infrastructure and then built a secure backend to store and retrieve the CVs and results from OpenAI.

    Skills: Typescript, Javascript, AWS, GCP, Node JS, REST APIs, CDK, Terraform, CloudFormations, DynamoDB, API Gateway, Lambda, DNS, Docker, CI/CD Pipelines, Nginx, OpenAI, LLM, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, GCP load balancer, Azure AD, Okta, AWS Cognito, Python, Documenting, Drawing Technical diagrams
  • Cloud Engineer
    April 2021 – Current
    Geshdo Now AB

    When not working directly with customers, I'm helping developers and management with daily IT. Improving internal security in the cloud.

    Skills: Azure AD, Office 365 (admin), DNS, Security
  • Consulting Third-line Support
    March 2018 – March 2021
    QSI Sweden AB

    Working for an IT provider helping our small-medium customers with daily IT support in the Windows ecosystem. Worked my way up from first to third-line support, helping and troubleshooting issues from Office 365 to server crashes.

    Skills: Customer Support, Active Directory, Windows Server, Azure, Azure AD, DNS, PowerShell

Image - educationEDUCATION

  • Computer, IT & networking
    2015 – 2018
    IT Gymnasiet Kristianstad

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  • 100SwedishNative
  • 90EnglishAdvanced

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