Ásgeir Sverrisson

Innovation is the outcome of a habit, not a random act.

I am a passionate, empathetic human who is always trying to find ways to improve myself, no matter if it’s regarding my work or just how I meet my fellow man. If I would have one, constant development would be my mantra.

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Axel Forsberg

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Windows Server
Office 365


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  • [April 2022 - Current] GN Hearing
    Consulting Cloud Engineer

    App development using TypeScript, React Native

  • [January 2022 - Current] GESHDO
    Frontend Developer

    Frontend JavaScript development of internal core-business tool.
    Technologies: Vue.JS, SCSS

  • [October 2021 - March 2022] IKANO Bank
    Consulting Cloud Engineer

    Being a part of a service providing advisory, support and development of cloud solutions in AWS.

  • [February 2021 - September 2021] IKANO Bank
    Consulting Cloud Engineer

    Being a part of the infra team at IKANO Bank. Helping out configuring/automating various parts of the AWS environment in alignment with the requirements of IKANO Bank.
    This included managing workspace VDIs, remediating security issues, user identities and roles management, pushing logs etc. Services most frequently used: Workspaces, Security Hub, IAM, S3

  • [January 2021 - Current] GESHDO
    Cloud Engineer

    Working as a consultant with a focus on cloud infrastructure and the operations part of devops teams.

  • [February 2017 - December 2020] Naviga Content Lab
    System Technician

    Supporting customers using an editorial system and surrounding services. SaaS services, archive solutions, AWS, internal support and some consulting.

  • [January 2016 – May 2016] LifeSymb

    Developed a user interface in the app GEORG.
    Technologies used: C#, Javascript & Unity

  • [April 2015 – June 2015] Devoid

    Developing a new webpage for customer.
    Technologies used: C#, Javascript & ASP.NET

  • [February 2014 – August 2014] Sykes
    Helpdesk Technician

    Customer service for one of the largest telecom providers in Sweden.

Image - educationEDUCATION

  • [2014 - 2016] Plushögskolan
    System Developer .NET

    Advanced Higher Vocational Education Diploma.
    Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, CSS & NodeJS

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  • 100SwedishNative
  • 95EnglishAdvanced
  • 80SpanishAdvanced
  • 60IcelandicBasic

Image - educationCERTIFICATES

Microsoft Azure
  • [2022]  
    Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals
  • [2022]  
    Microsoft Certified: Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals
  • [2022]  
    Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals
  • [2021]  
    Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals
Amazon Web Services
  • [2021 - 2024]  
    AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
  • [2021 - 2024]  
    AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner