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Bringing the magic of clouds to your fingertips, one deployment at a time.

With a strong passion for technology and expertise in cloud platforms like AWS, GCP, and Azure, I pursued a career in IT, drawn by the ever-evolving landscape of new technologies. I thrive on challenges and continually seek opportunities for growth. Assisting others in resolving technical issues, navigating emerging technologies, and finding innovative solutions are not just sources of enjoyment but also areas where I excel.

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Windows Server
Github workflows
Azure Devops
Office 365
Bash Scripting

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  • IT/Cloud Architect
    November 2023 - Current
    Ingka Group - Edge Engineering

    I'm part of an innovation team where we delve into the potential of Google Cloud Platform and other cutting-edge technologies. My role involves conducting research and experimentation to uncover fresh opportunities and applications for these tools. Working with solutions that could help the customer bring expenses down and trying out new tools.

    Skills: GCP, Git, Github actions, BigQuery, Looker Studio, scripting (bash, python), Open source license scanning tools (Ort, scancode, cdxgen).
  • Consulting Cloud Engineer
    August 2023 - November 2023

    Cloud Engineer and an essential member of Stepstone's Emerging Tech unit, my primary role revolves around developing and working with cloud solutions. Within this dynamic environment, I collaborate with an innovative team to enable the creation of cutting-edge prototypes in the job-tech industry.

    My expertise is centered on harnessing the capabilities of GPT-3, artificial intelligence (AI), and the latest advancements in web technologies, all while leveraging cloud technologies to their fullest potential. This comprehensive approach ensures that Stepstone remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving job-tech landscape by seamlessly integrating cloud-based solutions into our innovative projects.

    Skills: AWS, CDK, Lambda, API Gateway, TypeScript, JavaScript,
  • Consulting Cloud Engineer
    March 2023 - July 2023
    Geshdo/J2 Sourcing

    in my role, I was instrumental in optimizing our cloud environments, particularly within the Azure platform. I also provided crucial support to our development team in setting up a production environment for a customer-facing application in Azure.

    My responsibilities included configuring Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines using Azure DevOps and deploying the application as either a static web app or a containerized app, depending on project requirements. This required a keen eye for detail, expertise in Azure infrastructure and deployment best practices, and collaborative teamwork to ensure a secure and high-performing solution tailored to our customer's needs, leveraging Azure's Static Web App and Container Apps services.

    Skills: Microsoft Azure, Azure Devops, Devops Pipelines, Azure Container Apps, Static Web App, Application Insights, Azure Keyvault
  • Consulting Cloud Engineer
    October 2022 - February 2023
    GN Hearing

    As the head of infrastructure, I was responsible for overseeing the development of a new and advanced website for hearing aids, utilizing the latest technologies and industry standards.

    I managed the infrastructure and deployment pipeline using tools such as GCP and Github, ensuring our systems were secure, reliable, and easy to maintain. I worked closely with other teams and stakeholders to ensure our solutions were aligned with the organization's goals and had a positive impact on users.

    Skills: Terraform, Terraform Cloud, GCP, Cloud Run, Cloud Build, Monitoring, Uptime Checks, Github Actions, Github Worfklow
  • Consulting Cloud Engineer
    October 2021 - February 2023
    GN Hearing

    As the head of infrastructure, I was responsible for leading the development of new and innovative applications for hearing aids. My team and I were committed to utilizing the latest technologies and industry best practices to create robust and scalable solutions that met the needs of our users.

    In addition to leading the development efforts, I also managed the infrastructure and deployment pipeline using tools such as Azure, Azure DevOps, and GCP. This included ensuring that our systems were secure, highly available, and easily maintainable.

    I also collaborated closely with other teams and stakeholders to ensure that our solutions aligned with the overall goals and objectives of the organization. Together with the app engineers we were able to deliver innovative solutions that had a positive impact on the lives of our users.

    Skills: Microsoft Azure, Function apps, App service plans, CosmosDB, Keyvault, Static Webpages, DNS, CDN, SQL, Azure Devops, Terraform, Azure Container Apps, Data factory, MS AppCenter
  • Consulting Cloud Engineer
    March 2021 - September 2021
    IKANO Bank

    As a member of the infra team at IKANO Bank, I am responsible for configuring, automating and maintaining the bank's AWS environment. This includes managing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) workspaces, overseeing application management, managing user access and implementing tagging for accounts and instances for better management and cost optimization.

    Skills: AWS, Certificate Manager, Security Hub, Cloudformation, EC2, S3, DynamoDB, VPC, Workspaces, IAM, Jira, ServiceNow
  • Cloud Engineer
    March 2021 - Current

    Working as a consultant with a focus on cloud infrastructure. GESHDO specializes in dynamic IT consulting, driven by a commitment to tailored solutions. We prioritize rapid delivery to align with your goals while managing costs effectively. Our expertise spans all the major cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Back-end development, with diverse languages and frameworks, equips us to solve complex challenges. Our front-end consultants blend design finesse with technical precision to create seamless, visually appealing interfaces. GESHDO pushes boundaries to provide optimal, adaptable solutions for your organization.

  • Consulting Third-line Support
    July 2020 - October 2020
    Data Ductus

    I assisted a customer in simplifying and automating the installation of their hardware firewall using a Raspberry Pi. I configured the Raspberry Pi to install all necessary applications for the firewall to function properly, and implemented routing rules to ensure proper connectivity. Additionally, I created scripts that automatically detected when a 3G modem was connected to the Raspberry Pi, further reducing downtime and simplifying the installation process for the customer.

    Skills: Bash scripting, Raspberry Pi configuration
  • Consulting Third-line Support
    March 2020 - March 2021
    Data Ductus

    I was actively involved in providing support for a Identity Server as a service offering for our customers(Curity). This included resolving issues when the service was down, implementing new releases of Curity through Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines, troubleshooting Azure logs, and providing assistance to customers related to the service. Additionally, I assisted the 2nd line service desk with onboarding and creating manuals to aid in the onboarding process for new team members. My technical expertise includes working with Microsoft Azure and Kubernetes.

    Skills: Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes service(AKS), Log analytics, Azure Devops, Azure Devops Pipelines, Service Desk Plus, Curity
  • Consulting Third-line Support
    December 2019 - March 2021
    Data Ductus

    I joined the GiP (Common IT-Platform) team, where my role was to assist a large organization in centralizing their IT infrastructure. My main responsibilities were to assess their current infrastructure (network and hardware) to determine compatibility with GiP requirements, and to prepare data for the central team to facilitate the migration of users to the new platform. I also acted as onsite support during the migration phase, providing assistance to ensure a smooth transition for the users.

  • Consulting IT Technician
    September 2019 - December 2019

    I successfully assisted a major customer in migrating their users to a centralized IT platform by ensuring the proper computers were selected for migration and overseeing the entire installation process. In the event of any errors, I promptly and effectively troubleshooted and resolved them in collaboration with an additional support team who assisted with SCCM image issues.

Image - educationEDUCATION

  • IT-Supportspecialist
    2018 – 2019
    Ec Utbildning

    • Application and Desktop Virtualization.
    • Troubleshooting and support within Windows OS.
    • Troubleshooting methodology and remote management.
    • ITIL V3
    • Communication and customer service.
    • Office 365 Cloud Computing.
    • Process management system.
    • Lia 1, Technical servicedesk.
    • Lia 2, Support Second line.

  • Game Development
    2012 – 2017
    Malmö Högskola

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  • 100SwedishNative
  • 100BosnianNative
  • 95EnglishAdvanced

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