Amanda Borg

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Hi, I'm a UX/UI designer with a practical approach, using Figma as a versatile tool. My skills include thorough user research, application of design thinking principles, and a strong focus on accessibility. I'm dedicated to solving core challenges and consistently strive to create valuable products that prioritize exceptional user experiences. I also have experience working with design systems to ensure consistency in design solutions.

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User experience research
Design thinking
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Xd
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects

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  • [November 2021 - Current] IKEA
    User Experience Engineer

    My current role involves User Experience and User Interface design for various products at Ingka. I collaborate closely with the product owner, product specialists, and developers to create valuable products for the many people.

    My primary focus is ensuring that the designs cater to both user needs and business objectives. As part of the role, I conduct stakeholder interviews, engage in user research through workshops, interviews, and surveys, and produce user journeys, wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes to align with the team, stakeholders, and developers.

    Skills: Figma, User research and Usability testing, Design systems, presentation, arranging workshops, video editing, photo editing, wireframes and prototyping, inclusive design and accessibility.
  • [November 2021 - Current] GESHDO
    User Experience Engineer

    In my role as User Experience and User Interface Designer at GESHDO, I am actively contributing to the development and maturation of our work with User Experience at Geshdo. Part of this is to hold presentations and sharing insights about design principles, accessibility standards, and user experience guidelines.

    I also work together with developers for or internal and external applications. Part of this has been to conduct user research and hold workshops for the ideation phase and designing high fidelity wireframes and prototypes.

    Skills: Figma, Wireframes, User research, Prototypes, presentations, inclusive design and accessibility.
  • [December 2020 - November 2021] Kvinnojouren Öresund
    Social Media Manager & Digital designer

    Throughout my time as a Social Media Manager at Kvinnojouren Öresund, I was responsible for content management across all social media platforms and oversaw advertising efforts. Additionally, I led the development and design of two new websites for the organization. In this multifaceted role within a non-profit women's organization, I crafted engaging content in various formats, including animations, videos, illustrations, and graphics.

    Beyond content creation, I actively sought out sponsors, coordinated events, and played a key role in merchandise creation and promotion.

    Skills: Adobe Creative Cloud, Graphic design, illustrations, social media marketing and event planning.
  • [April 2019 - October 2021]
    Freelance designer

    During my final year of pursuing my bachelor's degree, I founded my own company dedicated to assisting businesses with their marketing strategies and brand identity development.

    Some of the notable projects I undertook during this period included:

    Serving as a Digital Design Consultant at Media Evolution City, where I contributed to the visual identity and website design for the 'Co-skill' project. This initiative, a collaboration between Region Skåne and Region Blekinge, funded by the European Social Fund, aimed to connect skill development programs with the ongoing digital transformation.

    As a Podcast Producer for Progress Me, an organization committed to empowering young individuals dealing with eating disorders, I played a pivotal role in recording, editing, and managing their podcast, 'Ett steg i taget.’

    Working as a Web Designer at Acme Gruppen, an advertising agency based in Helsingborg, I worked collaboratively with the team to craft websites tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients.

    Graphic designer At KOJA, a food company based in Melbourne, Australia. I wore multiple hats as a Photographer and Graphic Designer. In this capacity, I specialized in creating packaging designs, commercial prints, and product photography.

    Skills: Wordpress design, Podcast producing, Graphic design, Figma, Video and photo editing and social media marketing.

Image - educationEDUCATION

  • [2016 - 2019] Malmö University
    Bachelor degree in Media Technology

    The bachelor's program encompasses a comprehensive range of media technologies, including user experience design, graphic design, programming, printing technologies, and process design.

  • [2012 - 2015] Ljud och Bildskolan
    Media production

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  • 100SwedishNative
  • 90EnglishAdvanced

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