When you need it to work

About us

GESHDO was founded in 2016 to challenge the industry standards to once again make the result for the end-user the primary focus. Development should not have convenience as its primary focus, challenging your self to use new technologies, use new ways of thinking, and testing the boundaries of what is possible is what makes development a userful tool rather than a restriction.

Shortcomings in programming languages and platforms are far too often used as excuses for limiting scopes, making technology a restriction rather than a way forward. Technology should solve the problem, not limit the idea.

Our niche is not just a technology or platform like .NET or AWS, our niche is to deliver solutions and we continuously strive to improve our own ways of working. We want to make the best possible solutions for any problem regardless if its level of complexity.


We think that quick deliveries are the key to success in our industry. We strive to always have short release time-frames to ensure that we build something that fits your organization, all while keeping costs down.


Focus on the core of the application first, release it to the users quickly for testing.



Continuous deployment allows you as a customer to always access the latest version of the software, available for testing.



Collecting feedback iterativly ensures that money is spent where it makes the most sense for you and your employees.

Great companies dont throw money at problems, they throw ideas at problems
-Greg McAdoo, Sequoia Capital

How we work

We like to work with anything that is new, taking pride in the fact that we quickly adapt to new ways of working. We work with everything from infrastructure to front-end development and can take on any challenge.


We work with both on-premise systems as well as with all the major cloud providers. We have competency in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.



Our consultants work with an array of different languages, technologies and frameworks. Everything to be able to deliver the best possible solution for your organizations problem.



We have amazing frontend consultants with the knowledge on how to both design AND build really modern and beautiful stuff that works on all the expected devices.

Hire character. Train skill.
-Greg McAdoo, Sequoia Capital

Who we are

Having the best team means you are always proud to show them to the world. Just look at these beautiful developer’s faces. We are GESHDO, to find out more about each member just press their face…but do it gently.
We are not defined by the platforms we work with, they are defined by us.